An Interview with Joey Shaw

“When we are at the end of our wits with suffering, or when we feel entirely useless in shame, depression, and insecurity, or when we fight the hoards of Satan’s army in temptation, let us be comforted that the Spirit intercedes for us in the theater of our hearts, and Christ intercedes for us in the theater of Heaven.” — Joey Shaw, All Authority: How the Authority of Christ Upholds the Great Commission

CHELSEA VAUGHN: Being a mission pastor, you have to be strategic, yet in your book you don’t hide your dependence on the Holy Spirit. When did you begin to see the connection between dependence and strategy?

Joey Shaw: At the intersection between strategy in human decision making and dependence on the supernatural God is the person of the Holy Spirit. In my view, dependence on the Holy Spirit empowers careful planning and effective execution of a strategy. Some people think that dependence on the Holy Spirit somehow works against, side steps, or intervenes on strategic thinking.

Please continue to read my full interview: An Interview with Joey Shaw, Author of All Authority


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