Sights and Senses

It has been a bit since my last update, I apologize. Spending time in Rwanda has surprised me in some ways, and not in others. I am absolutely shocked with how stunningly LUSH this country is! There is vibrant green that beautifully sweeps the landscape. The green creates a rich awareness to colorful flowers, buzzing insects, and quirky trees. This leaving little room to see the city confines behind. It’s truly a sight to see. Though the lush is a surprise, the city reminds me of a unique-yet-familiar feel; that of many other places and cultures I’ve been immersed in. The life I’ve lived, being a third-culture- kid, is flooding as sweet nostalgia. 

Below are some photos from what we have seen:


Our time is going quickly! Today we learned a lot about Rwanda, and specifically visited a memorial for the genocide. It was historically horrific, but so fascinating to learn about how this has effected the people and place of Rwanda- in some bad and good ways. It instilled in us necessary insight, since our small groups and conference is focused on Unity from John 17. What a beautifully
powerful (and weighty) opportunity God has given us to minister to these women! Today, we also met with our ALARM (African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministry) African-base staff. It was so special to meet them and just feel connected and unified because of the mutual heart for leadership and reconciliation. They were so kind and shared about themselves, their families, and their passion for Africa. 

Tomorrow we will head to the coffee plantation, which I am most excited for! We will get to train some of the workers on ethical business, and servant leadership. They worked tirelessly to support their families. My enthusiasm is peaked for this topic, because these women have been so innovative and enduring. Okay… and I have great enthusiasm because I’m a nerd and want to know the process of creating my favorite drink. (:
Off to bed for now, can’t wait to catch you all up on what’s next!



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